Monday, February 28, 2005

Ford Fiesta - Loves Corners (print - bilboard)

Ive not been a big fan of the Fiesta adverts, they all seem to be a little too overdone, and following the lines of VW's Polo adverts (i.e.: a tough little car in dangerous situations).

I do however love the new poster ad. Which features the sport edition of the car in the top left of the picture, with the tagline "Loves corners". Its got the subtlety the other ads lack, and I think it works really well.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Smart - Prisms (tv)

This funky looking ad is as bright and colourful as the Smart brand. With lots of kalaidescope type effects proving very appealing to watch.

Spoilt slightly by my brother telling me that all you need to do to get that effect is drag it on in Avid (video editing software)... ah well, wonder how much the agency got charged for that effect!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Birds Eye (Rock ads) - (TV)

These bizarre ads are based on heavy metal rock types singing (screeching) about shepards pie and the like. Normally such blantant steretyping annoys me, but they have the perfect Spinal Tap quality to them...which keeps it funny and only mildly irritating.

Besides which, the use of Tommy Vance (A legend in his own lunchtime) is a joyous touch, and a big seal of approval!

PG tips (75 years) - (tv)

Well, its still those slightly irritating plasticine birds. But the "snapshots of time" idea, whilst old and overused works pretty well here. Whilst the Henman gag ( ;) ) is great.

Something sadly isnt quite right, and I think its the same thing thats wrong with whole bird campaign. Whilst it is pretty effective at capturing moments of real life, they still lack any of the charm of the old chimps. What good is a well written situation when its so hard to find the charm or empathy in the characters within.

Maybe this is something that will improve of a number of ads, but currently only the dad character seems to exude anywhere near the likeability of those lovable old primates.

Nike (Stand Up Speak Up) (tv)

This ad features a number of well known black footballers promoting a message against racism.
Surprisingly, it is nicely done. Its subtle and well put together, and gets the message across cleanly and effectively... which is unusual for a Nike advert of recent times!

McCain Oven Chips (print)

This ad has the page in half, with "...heaven" on one side and "chip heaven" on the other.
Seems like a reasonable idea, but the execution I saw was dire!

It had a bucket full of safety pins and "Punk heaven" on the left side. Im not sure where this idea of punks sits in the modern day, probably about in line with calling people with mobiles "yuppies". What a horribly poor stereotype, and one that means the ad doesnt work at all in my view.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Volkswagon Golf - Singin In The Rain (TV)

Now this was unexpected.
Taking a classic of classics, and completely warping it in front of our eyes!

Brilliantly produced and animated, the soundtrack works perfectly; giving the feel of the original song but the style of the updated sound.

Ending with a great tagline that rounds it all off neatly. Great stuff.

Welcome to the Ad Pit.

The ad pit is the blog hole for my personal creative opinion on UK (and world) that tv or printed.

Advertising is something that is very much a part of me, alongside design and music. It makes me sick the rubbishness of some adverts, but then again the joy of delights like "Grr" (Honda - Hate Something Change Something) by Weiden and Kennedy and the John Smiths ads with Peter Kay by TBWA\London is something to relish.

If anyone ever reads this id love to hear your views too :)