Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tresemme Hair - Tv

I dont understand what it is with haircare ads and rubbish voiceovers. Its not like its been dubbed from another language, they just have a guy who cant read without sounding like a slightly stiff robot.

I had a discussion the other day with an account planner about how cigarrette and alcohol advertising becomes better because clients are forced to go wth better ideas over safe dull ones... and he said about how haircare products have no restrictions, and are all rubbish.

This is case and point, with unconvincing dialogue spoken so poorly as to be cringeworthy. The whole ad sounds contrived and disjointed, yet the underlying principle (the "dont tell anyone about this, its our secret!" message) has the potential for some outstanding creative work.

That said, my parents just bought some Tresemme products... and im pretty sure they had never heard of them before...

So bad it works. The founding principle of Haircare ads.


Anonymous said...

dreadful hair products!

Anonymous said...

after i saw your add on tv i have just bought your shampoo and conditioner at £4 each. i am not very happy with the result, have used it a couple of times now and i cant get a brush through my hair after i use your products, i have used another product for years but just wanted to try yours for a change but im sorry to say i will now be going back to my other product.

erzabethd said...

I will do a comparative analysis. Before using Tresseme I had extreme breakage and my ends looked like they were hit by a twister. I could not manage my hair it was difficult. I am both Hispanic and African American descent. The hair quality is course dry and brittle. I began by curiously purchasing the product at a local Walmart by my home. I used on the the silk and smooth and instantly noticed results. used Tresseme currently (especially for deep conditioning) and I have to disagree they have the best products I have every used in example their silk and smooth shampoo and conditioner really leave your hair feeling silk and smooth and their volumizing shampoo and conditioner really leave volume in your hair. I tried the heat tamer spray and have to say that it really works out nice and has protected my hair against heat. It also left shine in my hair. It is really all in how you take care your hair and I must say for a cheap product only sold at 4.50 it really does work nice and stands by its word. I think I definitely will continue to use this product.