Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Brain Hurts IV

Back from yet another interesting Northern Planning meet.
Topics for discussion included:

Doctor Who vs Torchwood (The former is good, the latter is not)
Magners vs Bulmers (The genius of ice)
Russell Davies (Who has met him, who hasnt, isnt he great, isnt the breakfast club tiny?!)
Second Life (Its the new "I hear these new fangled blog things are doing well, maybe we should get one)
New Songs (For Your Info Andrew they were: Enter Shikari - Sorry You;re Not a Winner, Deftones - Hole in the Earth, and Sebastian - Ross Ross Ross)
Hats (Flat and otherwise)

The bar served my favourite beer ever as well, so that just made it even better! (Asahi Super Dry)

Roll on number V!


Anonymous said...

sounds great, though I'd have to take objection to the slanderous Torchwood comment - it rocks IMHO :-)

Anonymous said...

Is Asahi tastier than Cointreau then?
Doug, I wanted to love Torchwood and frankly I feel let down. Saying that, I'm one of the few still watching Lost, so what do I know.

Anonymous said...

Don't let him wind you up Rob, he drinks Vodka Martinis and thinks it's cool.

Doug said...

NP, don't be ashamed of your Lost watching, it's another cracker (if getting slightly laboured!)

The Editor said...
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Anonymous said...

I should say my favourite lager ever. No lager matches proper beer.

And yes I do prefer it to Cointreau!

I think I need to get out my J20 and Panda Pop cocktails I cacme up with while working behind the bar!