Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ad Pit Review of the Year Part 2

Here is the second part of 2006 in review.
This is for my favourite campaigns and executions of the year!
They may not be the most successful or well thought out, but at the end of the year, these stand out to me as ads I recall fondly from the year.

5. Sony Bravia - Paint

Man cannot live on hype alone.
This ad in no way was as good as the balls ad. It was a weaker idea, a weaker execution, with a weaker soundtrack.

However, it was good enough to keep the Bravia ads alive and well for what I hope will be an amazing third outing.

Worth it for the wonderful raining colours shot at the end. Hell, one explosion and that shot would have been just as good.

4. Magners Cider

Whilst scoring low on execution points; they got the brand positioning absolutely spot on, the placement spot on, the product itself spot on, and so on.

Proof that good planning can save an dull execution.

3. 3 - Lecture

Students throwing paper messages to symbolise the use of texting.
Such a simple idea. So well executed. What more is there to say?
3 is a perfect example of how advertising can absolutely turn a brand that was going nowhere.

2. Yakult - Not Much has Changed

The new yakult campaign was simple, quick, and got the message over brilliantly.
As someone who drinks the stuff everyday, it absolutely reinforced my like of the brand and the product.

Were I not a Yakulty, this may not be here; but for effectiveness on me personally, its deserving of its place.

1. Sony - Robot

Wonderful ad for Sony in Asia. A great insight combined with a good execution.
Considering the stories I hear of how hard it is to produce good ads both for Sony and in Asia, this is a triumph.

I hope that (PS3 and its features over benefit strategy aside) 2007 is when we see the resurgence of the Sony brand that has been missing for such a long time.

Oh, and in my worst ads of 2006 section I missed this one out.
Its PC World and their "Best of Both Worlds" campaign.

Although they have finally started to say what these worlds are, they are still as dire ads as when I spoke about them before:

PC World What ARE You Thinking? Pt1
PC World What ARE You Thinking? Pt2


Anonymous said...

Are you sure?????

Jeez, thank you very much on behalf of everyone 'out here' - in all honesty, it means a shedload to have your support. Cheers mate - we owe you 20 pints.

Will said...


I agree with most of your comments, perhaps with the exception of Magners.

Great positioning, but I think it's probably more about chucking shed loads of cash at it than the overall strategic thought. Check out the debate here:

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Its always awkward doing these things, trying to remember which ads I liked from months ago.

As I said, these may not be the best ads per se, but they are the ones that spoke to or impressed me.

I thought it had a very valid thought, combined with a nice execution. And though I may be a little biased as I am a technology person, I still thought it spoke a strong message to me better than any ad I could think of yesterday evening!


I agree that a shedload of cash helped. But I still think that without the excellent brand positioning and wonderful design thoughts it wouldnt have been anywhere near as successful.

The key thing is simply the ice. By adding ice the bottle fills more than one glass. This means that you have the bottle on the table, so instantly you can see everyone who is drinking magners, and it reminds you to try it. Simple genius. And worthy of a spot for that idea alone.

Anonymous said...

I like the Bravia version without the music.
I liked the Honda robot ad for the silence too.
Sometimes we forget that the importance of sound sometimes means none at all.
Speaking of robots, Sony Robot IS great.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert. Is there any place I can see this legendary PC World ad?

Anonymous said...

I'll have a look for a copy for you Pete.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if its your email or mine, but I keep getting a bounceback when I send you some "info" on you-know-what.

Let me know if it's working so I can send it again.


Anonymous said...

For god Mortimer, post!

Campaign Review doesn't cut it anymore. And why have they not asked you to do it yet?

It's all wrong

The Kaiser said...

when I was in England last, I saw that ice in drink stuff and it confused the hell out of me. Honestly it did. Maybe it's because I live in a country that has very strict rules and traditions about these things, but it just looked so odd.

Doesn't that say something quite, I don't know, serious about the market? To quote Denis Leary, "can't I just get a cup of coffee flavoured coffee around here?"

I think it's all strange. This could turn into a post that I'll do over on worse, but England seems to be getting stranger by the minute.

Anonymous said...

I have no home net!
Sky have taken 14 days to get their tech support to contact me.

Leary quotes, brilliant...