Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Next Internet Craze! No1.

No it's not dissing Iranian presidents, though I urge you all to support the protests going on in Tehran and across the world.

This game was invented by my colleague Stew, and frankly no one has managed to beat him yet.
It's called ROB!

The aim is simply to say or display the word ROB in as extravagent a way as possible. So far Stew has managed some masterful executions that I will cover as this topic goes on.

To start with, here is Stew hiding and jumping out with a loud ROB!


shib said...

Haha you took that well, I would have fell off the chair!

Marcus said...

You do know that there is a recession on don't you?

I like this. I have an idea....

be afraid.