Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A lot is said these days about the overuse of, mis-prescribed importance of, and death of (as a statistic) engagement. But like most terms, they are always right in some cases, and used badly too often. Engagement itself doesn't mean much on it's own, it's about how that engaged time makes you feel or what it makes you remember.

Now this new work from Tipp Ex is the very definition of engaging comms. It doesn't feel like ad comms at all, it has a silly central premise that gives you a small box and invites you to play around, and other than setting up the box it barely even mentions the product.

20 seconds isn't a score for measuring engagement, but 20 minutes spent playing with a brand produced activity? That's engagement in a context that is relevant.
There is little arguing with the finished product. A relatively low budget piece of work that drags you in and gives you content that makes you want to share it. No need to white-out that.

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