Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marketing Lies That Need to Die No.2: Spreadable Butter

Lurpak Spreadable. Probably the closest I've found.
It does spread, but it definitely doesn't taste
 like regular Lurpak. I.e.: Buttery Heaven.
Now I admit that this topic is a lot less black and white than the last one about targeted pain relief, but it's one that still annoys the hell out of me as a customer.

Has anyone ever actually bought a 'Spreadable Butter' that spreads on regular bread? As I don't recall ever finding one. Note that I'm not talking about margarine type spreads or 'butter-like' brands, but those that claim to be both butter and spreadable, usually a mix of butter and vegetable oil. They don't always 'say' butter, but they are clearly positioned as being almost butter, rather than in-betweens.

There are many which spread, but they don't taste like butter - and there are many which taste like butter, and they don't spread.

Brand variants called 'Buttersoft' or 'Spreadable' seem to exist for every single brand. The question I have to ask is, what in the name of all that is edible are they spreading this stuff on to get away with those claims?!

Seems like all of these brands are caught in this grey area where you can't have both butter taste and spreadable texture. So we end up with no clear way of knowing how soft or actually spreadable something is until you buy it.

The process normally goes like this:

  • Buy 'spreadable' labelled butter.
  • Put out bread slice.
  • Attempt to spread.
  • Tear bread to pieces.
  • Put new piece of bread out.
  • Attempt to carefully spread butter.
  • Tear bread to pieces.
  • Swear.
  • Put new piece of bread out.
  • Dump chunk of butter onto bread and put in the grill to melt it.
  • Spread butter on half toasted bread.

Maybe I just have a shit knife, but I am so fed up of products being labelled spreadable when they clearly clearly are not.

This lie needs to die, or at the very least get much much clearer!

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