Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog of the Week - CST / Dave Trott

Hi folks. This is a new feature that will aim to be weekly!

I thought it was worth taking time to talk about the blogs that really interest me and provide good content or debate. Some will be big, some not so big; but hopefully this will be useful for those new to the blogosphere, and those who don't have time to browse everything...

BOTW No1 - CST - Dave Trott

I've started with Dave Trott's blog because over the past few weeks its been the place that has provided the most interesting stories on adland.

Content: The content is usually stories from Dave related to things he's learnt, or relevant stories on new topics. There is very much a feel of someone who has been there and done it, and is enjoying sharing his wisdom.

Debate: People quite often enjoy disagreeing with Dave, he sometimes says controversial things or makes deliberately harsh comments that he usually explains pretty well. It's not like Scamp with 80million anonymous replies, there are a number of people who contribute regularly.

Response: Dave responds regularly to the comments, getting involved in the after debate as well. Its not often you get to talk to people of this experience, nor people who have been at the top of major agencies; and usually those you can talk to are scare and selective. To be able to constructively disagree with them (and have them reply) is rare.

Some good recent posts:

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Anonymous said...

The man has a wealth of knowledge and can execute his stories indeed.