Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trebor Mints are a minty bit weaker

If this what's blog a then Christmas is posted the new Trebor ads from Fallon yesterday, and boy are they fantastically mediocre.

I think there is an interesting idea lurking away here about an office of mint mad employees, but it's lost behind an execution that just doesn't work. The humour doesn't get through, it feels tinny and weak.

The online videos (via a YouTube channel) are a little better, but still have this nagging sense that you are only watching them because they are there; not because you want to. (The beginning of the girl's video is funny though to be fair.)

I hope these pick up. I'd like to see how these characters can develop, but I have a feeling they might not appear for much longer.

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StealthAdMan said...

They're ok, though apparently there was going to be a better one where the young office boy suggests they use a slightly offensive, over the top Jamaican man as their mascot.