Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Never Knowingly Underproduced

After last year's wonderful Christmas ads I was surprised to see John Lewis move their agency. Yet having viewed the new ad I must agree it wasn't entirely a bad decision.

Like last year the ad creates a wonderfully festive atmosphere without resorting to filling the screen with red and white, without overused seasonal hits, and without the sappy over saturated sense of ocassion we are force fed for three months from mid October.

Where this one goes one better to me is that despite avoiding the cloying artificial taste of the event, they have produced something that is wonderfully sweet, amusing, and warrants multiple viewings without wanting to hurl a plastic santa at the screen.

Add to that a brilliant brilliant song choice. No Shaky, no slade, no Cliff, no one hit wonders. A proper year round track that captures the IDEA not the season.

Adam and Eve I could kiss you. Or at least buy you a lovely present.


grahamfurlong said...

Any agency could've done this, right? Did they really have to move to get this work? Also, isn't it a little obvious?

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Any agency could have. But not every agency does.

Most brand could have. Almost no brand does.

It is a bit, but it's Christmas; where subtlety and depth go out the window in favour of garishness and bright red.

Pieman said...

Only just seen this and think it's very good. Any agency could have done this? Come on, Graham - you should know better than that. All too easy to look at other people's work and think that...