Monday, May 10, 2010

My Week In Twits : 3rd - 9th May

Aka: Twitter roundup

The Election: --------------------------

samismail this election has been really revealing in terms of people who genuinely care for society vs those who just biyatch and moan

bengoldacre: lib dems get 6.6m votes and 53 seats, labour get 8.4m votes and 252 seats, our voting system is broken. #ge2010

daveknockles Good morning, friends. I see Britain can't make its fucking mind up. I can resolve this: whoever has the biggest logo forms a government.

FamousRob: @daveknockles Biggest Lego?

daveknockles: @FamousRob Cameron'll have the biggest lego. I bet he had a playroom full of the stuff when he was a kid - including the spaceships.

FamousRob: @daveknockles Of course. That Lego show pony wasn't cheap either

daveknockles: @FamousRob Nor that lego cocaine habit.

Roses Awards 2010: ---------------------------

FamousRob: great night at #rosesawards . Three golds and a silver, awesome. Oh and i think im still a bit drunk...

SteveKuncewicz: @FamousRob You won't be the only one. I got home ratted and stayed up watching the Election. Even a bacon sandwich can't save me.

Other: -------------------------

Will_Humphrey Just met one of them (Jedward). No, I don't know which one.

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