Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Planner in Hong Kong Part 2

Part 2 - I am here!

I don't know if you've ever been to Hong Kong, but if not I imagine your expectation of it is a little like New York, this huge metropolis of skyscrapers; and you'd be partly right. Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than New York, and has more people living above the 14th floor than anywhere in the world. Here, a town is five blocks of flats, a shopping centre and a school.

Yet there is another world that is a short trip away. Within 20 miles or so you have the beaches and mountains of Aberdeen, the business bustle of Central, the mad ex-pat buzz of Soho, the gaudy fake Rolexery of Kowloon and the local life of the New Territories.

It's the latter where we would be staying. A small village about 300 yards from the border with the China restricted zone, where the town of Sha Tau Kok includes a road where one side is China and one side is Hong Kong.

The village is probably what you expect old Hong Kong to be like, small areas of little communities with old houses (mostly knocked down now, Hong Kong has little place for the old as there is so little space). Positioned next to a big hill/small mountain it's an amazing place to be, with the edges of the sea visible from just a few hundred yards away.

To get to Hong Kong island, I have to get a 30 min bus to Sheung Shui, then take the East rail line almost all the way down to Kowloon, then change to the MTR, then change lines again. It took us about 90minutes to get back last time we went there...

Picture is the village bus stop - From

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