Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Planner in Hong Kong Part 3 - Gawp!

One thing that happens a lot north of the touristy areas is staring. I was stared at at, a lot. In the New territories towns you get people glancing in surprise, in China however it was something else altogether.

In Shaoguan (on an exertion with a guide who spoke no English) kids chuckle and point, people turn their heads in surprise, and old ladies give you evil eyes... really scary evil eyes.
In fact whilst at a scenic tourist attraction (a giant penis shaped rock, I kid you not) two girls started taking pictures by the shop we were in. Turns out they were taking a picture of me... hah.
So Kai Lai asked if they would like a proper photo with me, to which they giggled and said yes. So each took a photo with me. In one I did the China/Hong Kong pose of doing a V sign (Victory, not sod off), which made them fall about laughing.

I almost wish I had been there the day after to see the local paper, page 14 "Westerner spotted in town!"

Some photos:
The amazing Guangzhao South train station, plus Chinglish
The penis shaped stone

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