Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3 - Ribbons

Continuing the theme of interesting mobile phone ads is the new one from 3.
Following in their quirky style (based on Japanese legends i believe), but it does very well to put across a real feeling and emotion that phones help you deal with.

In essence a man on a coach travelling away from his girlfriend. He speaks as a cloth like ribbon, that travels back to the girl and wraps around her.

The thing I love is that the ribbon acts like a hug, and it really (in one small detail) puts across how speaking to a loved one far away feels.

Its on a little too much now, but I still think it portrays its message and the feeling behind it very well.

I also love the tagline "Talk for hours not minutes". It perfectly cuts across the network idea of having xx minutes talktime, and really gives the impression that 3 offer more.


faris said...

Love the 3 work - WCRS turned that brand around.

You can see the ad online at Welcome to Planet 3.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Definitely. They took a brand that didnt really stand for anything and have given it a voice, an edge and turned it into a 'i'll consider it' brand instead of the ignored brand it was before.