Friday, May 26, 2006

Interesting Challenge for TBWA

(assuming they still hold the account which im sure they do..!)

Sony Playstation 3. Surely one of the most anticipated consumer products of all time. Yet so far, the reaction to it has been muted and Sony seem to keep insist on shooting themselves in the foot and irritating their customers.

An overview of issues so far:

Performance is nowhere near what was promised
The next gen Blu Ray (high definition) drive is mandatory. Meaning...
The Price is Huge (£425 was quoted by Sony, and the cheaper version is rubbish)
They are looking at banning re-sale/second hand game sales by saying that the (£50-60+) games you buy arent actually yours. No, you just buy the licence to play them!

I know TBWA have done some great work for PS and PS2, but if the consumer image of Playstation3 is affected by these issues (as it really should be); then they have some work on their hands to make a difference.

With a potentially negative brand image, will those interesting and obscure ads (Third Place, circle-square-triangle-cross etc) still work in the same way?

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