Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holy Marketing, Its Brandman!

Any of you in the UK or US may be unfortunate enough to have had to witness the dire atrocity of sales that is the "Brand Power" (ta da da da dah DAH, Braaaannnd Powwwweeerrr!) ads.

Seemingly set in the mid 90s when calling something a brand made the public believe it was a powerful sign of quality, and with planning from the mid 1950s to boot.

With all the subtlety of a nuclear bomb hitting the statur of liberty with a gigantic sign in the sky saying "Look at this!"; and the tone of a patronising army major explaining the theory of relativity to a brain dead, hard of hearing checkout assistant at 3am in the morning.

Surely the brands involved in this horrific travesty of airtime must realize that these ads are harming their public perceptions; and if they aren't then viewing public, im utterly ashamed of you.


Anonymous said...

Arent they just... come back Coke Zero, (almost) all is forgiven!

Anonymous said...

BRAND POWER ... serving you blander

onewomanrunning said...

They're so fake, as are the ones with the women talking about their contact lenses and the 'experts' on the toothpaste ads, perching uncomfortably on windowsills in offices rabbitting on about this that and the other.

Brand Power ads feel like lectures "You're so stupid, we have to tell you. Now go to aisle number 7."

Doug said...

the problem is, for FMCG brands at least, these quite often work (at least from the data that I've seen)

brand heresy it may be, but if you're flogging a mundane product, in the short-term at least (which is depressing but the way many think) sticking a dull product demo in front of people often shifts product

that said, i really, really hate them!

Anonymous said...

I'm really confused by these. Why would Nestle etc. want their brands devalued and ridiculed through the use of such poor adverts? I can't make any sense of this 'Buchanan Group' on the website. Are they some sort of resellers?