Friday, December 07, 2007

Knock it Off Nigel

Piracy funds drug dealers and Al Qaeda!

That's been the typical anti-piracy ad in the UK over the last 20 years. So it make a change to see something else that while not perfect certainly seems to be part of a better strategy.

Knock off Nigel.

See, the problem with telling everyone piracy funds criminals is that most people get them off their mate Terry at the market. They don't see Terry as having any connection whatsoever to organised crime.

The "pirate dvd's have rubbish picture quality" ads in cinema's are useful as they remind you what you could be missing out on.

However, despite some flaws (It could be funnier, wittier, and make more out of the song) the idea of Knock off Nigel is by far the best anti piracy ad I can remember.

Making people who buy copied DVD's out to be cheap scroungers is a bold step really considering how many people do it. But its done just well enough to get people talking; that if your mate buys copied DVD's you might just be tempted to call him a Knock off Nigel for a laugh. It slowly gets the message out there and could actually make some difference in an area that is extremely hard to crack.

This is also a chance to show the excellent parody of the old style piracy ads from The IT Crowd:

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Anonymous said...

"Knock Off Nigel" is by for the most annoying ad of 2007, on both tv and radio.
It shouldn't really matter if it's annoying provided it's effective, in terms of getting the message across and influencing consumer behaviour.
This one doesn't!
On the contrary it seems to be having the opposite effect. It has generated a lot of comment but virtually everything I have heard or read is negative. Consumers are not necessarily stupid and don't like being told what to think. It is the studios who are perceived as the villains.
The ad is plain bad, and an expensive waste of time, but what really irks me is the use of playground name calling. I don't think Nigel is a very common name nowadays, fortunately, but in schools across the country there will be a lot of ridiculing and bullying in the run up to Christmas.
The ad is not just bad, it's criminal.