Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sofa, so good

I know I know... bad headline ;)

I was shocked at DFS' new cinema ad yesterday, it features no product shots, as far as I recall no mention of the word sofa, no prices, three penguins, humour, and did 'i say no product shots?!

It's not the greatest ad in the world, but it is a: a bold step for furnishing ads, and b: a bold step for DFS. Normally ads for furnishings (especially sofa's and soft furnishings) leave you with a cold clinical taste, or poor celebrity endorsements, or sale overload, etc. This ad leaves you with a chuckle and a positive memory, especially (on second viewing) the penguins.

DFS have started to get it right in 2007, firstly with their idea of the importance of a sofa in the house, then with the (initially shaky) introduction of humour and self-reference (Another sale!), and now with relative subtlety.

I hope this continues into 2008.


Charles Edward Frith said...

And I was only saying a couple of weeks ago to a bunch of people in Shanghai that Penguins are used in ads. They didn't understand what I was saying! Merry Christmas Rob. 2008 is your year for sure.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Can't argue with penguins!

Thanks Charles, hope you enjoy Christmas though it will be a bit quiet over there I believe.

I sure hope so...

Merry Christmas!

andreea said...

You just can't frown at that, it would spook the penguins! It was quite a pleasant surprise :-)

Anonymous said...

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