Friday, December 28, 2007

Review of the Year - Part 2

Still to come are my picks for worst ads of the year, along with some other ads worthy of mention.

Most Improved Advertising

Two picks here. The first was just totaly unexpected, and really went a long way to removing the horrible memories of their past ads from my mind.

The second was BGR Bloomers radio ads (forklift, executive driver) for making injury solicitors ads that aren't patronising, were decently written, and not a misplaced ladder or kitchen slip in sight.

Best Agency

Difficult. Most people would say Fallon for their numerous successful ads, and it would be hard to disagree with that. Though I think that BMB have had a great year, and if W+K can be treated as gods after 2 Honda ads then BMB can tie this category after two brilliant Carling ads and some other good work.

Best Blogs

I can hardly pick a top 10, let alone a single winner. So in no order, here are my 5 favourite blogs of this year.

Charles Frith - Punk Planning - Intelligent, not afraid to think differently or say things people won't like. Now providing us with a fascinating look at Beijing.

Rob Campbell - Musings of an Opinionated Sod
- That he is. But this is the only blog where you can take part in fascinating ad debates, controvertial and bold marketing theory, and yet still debate the merits of sausages vs bacon.

Northern Planner - Brilliant posts on getting into planning, plus great recipes and tea tips. If advertising was astrology he would be the North Star.

The Kaiser - Marcus is back, and despite moving frequently, he always omes up with the goods. Excellent posts on agencies and the internet, plus the genius of Charles Stab.

Scamp - He isn't campaign's number one ad blog for nothing.


David Mortimer said...

Monkeys and penguins... has it really taken the advertising world this long to realise what people want.

I think next year there will be a scramble for companies to get the most comical/cute animals associated with themselves.

2008, the year of the Apple Platypus.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Too kind my man. I may have said this before but Penguins are the last resort of the advertising scoundrel.

I'd like to nominate myself for ad scoundrel of the year too ;)

Robert said...

You are too nice to me - and what do you get in return? Abuse and blogs dedicated to your bald head [sort of].

You're the Florence Nightingale of Adland my friend.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

I think you are half right there David, people will look to animals in unusual situations; just as they look for chains right now.

Charles - They are when used outside winter, or badly. But bear in mind which company this is... this is a big step up.

Ad scoundrel? Surely that's Rob C?

Rob C - When you and Andy rule the ad world I'll accept a well paid planning post as an settlement ;)

Anonymous said...

I blush. Many thanks.