Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Review of the Year - Part 3

2007 has been a good year for traditional advertising. The anticipated collapse never happened, digital advertising appeared to be suffering from a mild hangover, and despite a flurry of brands with 'big ads', and too many 'chain reaction' ads; it wasn't half bad.

But, there is always rubbish:

Disappointment of the Year

After a decent build up campaign, and a huge huge budget, I was expecting something more than a giant domino themed version of Cog. It's a decent watch, but lacks the Guiness charm, and feels like a weak attempt at aping W+K; rather ironically, the creatives moved to W+K almost immediately after this ad launched...

The "What Were They Thinking" Award for Bandwagon Jumping

Oh. Dear. Someone read about UGC and appeared to miss the bit about quality control.

[sourcing ad... ]

Worst Ads of 2007

Still badly written. Still badly acted. Still failing to get a good message about the company across. Had a great discussion about this campaign with Graham at Cheetham Bell JWT ; might talk about that soon.

Yes, we can see what they were going for, but they just got it very wrong. We do not like, empathise or positively associate with Mickey at all.

Oh the stereotyping, woe the lacklustre use of a decent tag.

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David Mortimer said...

Two male friends calling each other's hair 'Plain gorgeous'...the mind boggles!