Monday, June 02, 2008

Bless You

Richard Huntingdon is back with a great piece on multiple routes and Tissue meetings.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with Tissue Meetings, I do worry that being asked to do multiple routes regardless of need is wrong.

A: It means the agency might be wasting time they could be spending on the best idea.
B: It means the client could be wasting money on ideas that aren't right just so they have more than one to look at.

As one planner here mentioned the other day: "I would never take anything into a meeting that I wouldn't want the client to buy."

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Robert said...

I am a huge fan of tissue meetings - the issue is making sure you only go in with things that you genuinely believe have the potential to work, not just put any ol' shite into the mix.

This is similar to when I disagreed with Richard as regards the value of 'brainstorms' - - it's not about quantity or keeping everyone happy, it's about getting to the right solution and anyone who thinks there can only be one pragmatic answer to the brief is mad or egotistical.

Tissue meetings open debate and opportunities - what you present is your call, not the clients so if you present 'ideas' that you're not happy with then you only have yourself to blame!

And my grumpy mood can be attributed to jetlag as I'm writing this at 4:30am my time! :)