Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cheap as Chips

The new £6.50 Doritos ad is here today, and despite having a budget smaller than the Cillit Bang ads, and despite being user generated content; its actually pretty good.

It has a sense of fun and a sense of amusement that nicely fits the brand. And though a bigger budget would improve the animation, the actual content is pretty good as it is.

So score one for user generated content...

New Doritos Ad


Anonymous said...

saw this last night, reminded me of the creme egg ad

Robert said...

How bad a state is the ad industry when a 6 quid 50 pence ad is the biggest thing to talk about.

I bet the guys at Fallon are shitting themselves this will become a trend :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. While it's a massive move on from cringable 'friendchips' stuff (although the territory seemed okay) in terms on execution. What the hell does this ad tell me? That Doritos are great with salsa? Did I need to know that?
Or am I supposed to think that Doritos is down with the kids?

Anonymous said...

double hmmm. this was part of a competition where they asked people to create ads and upload them... but i saw it when the site was launched and that ad was already seeded on it. so is it really user-generated?
or agency generated?