Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beating the Drum

(Thanks for that title Graham)

The Drum, advertising magazine for those outside the M25 bubble. Not always the most exciting of publications but it does a good job of giving the 'rest' of adland the attention it deserves.

However, they suffer from a slight flaw. Their website is the most useless piece of shit I have ever come across. It simply never works.

Having worked with small businesses I have seen some thought forsaken pieces of 1993 clip art based unusable search tag free wastes of bandwidth. But at least they bloody worked.

I get the regular news email from the drum, click it........... ......... ....... ....... ...... nothing. Or sometimes a header, the first line and a log in request. I enter my details... nothing.

I know its not just me, so why isn't something done about it???

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