Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Comments on Modern Communications...

"The advertising ... this year had been produced in a year of economic recession. It is my experience that, in times like these, both the quantity and quality of advertising is diminished."

"All magazines must learn that good design does pay"

"It's very fashionable to knock the work we earn our living at, but it's always amazing to me that [campaigns] ever end up as good as they do"

"I think we all know production values have got better as good ideas have got scarce"

"Considering the commities that scripts seem to go through and the number of odds and sods who put in their destructive, and genereally ignorant, two pennysworth, it's a miracle that [good work] ever [gets] through"

All from the D&AD Annual ... 1976

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Rob said...

Good point ... though I might argue that 'browsing' - at least in terms of many "digital experts" claimed it was performed - never existed because like most things in life, if you give people ultimate choice, they tend to seek out what they know and only deviate in small degrees.