Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La Fashion. La Wha?

Personally I class myself as someone who is very interested in style, but very uninterested in fashion (if that makes sense). I'm more bothered about how things look than who makes them, though obviously I have brands I like.

This week though, I have found a lot to endear me to a brand I had previously never really paid any attention to. Hermes.

First I found this wonderful finger skating video (via Spinning Around). It ticks all the client boxes of showing off the product, but it's fun and engaging to watch, and shot brilliantly. If you want to see how to make engaging content instead of ads, it's the best work I've seen in a while.

Secondly, I followed the link to the Hermes website; and was met with a cheeseboard of images. I started playing around and realised each one is a little story or idea that comes to life when you zoom in. Including a lovely tale of a womans diary and her Hermes scarf.

The whole site is full of fun, interesting, engaging and thoughtful content. It's sufficiently well thought out that you almost want to see them all to make sure you don't miss out on something good.

This is attitude and style over fashion. but by doing it it makes me notice the fashion element more. Excellent.

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Eddie said...

Thanks for passing along the site... It really is a great little visit!