Monday, November 22, 2010

Service Please... Service?

I've been to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) a few times, I've usually enjoyed it. Food that is nice for a not unreasonable price.

However last time I visited I had a number of issues with the service that spoilt the meal a bit, and made me decide to email their customer service.

That was over two weeks ago. I have yet to receive any response whatsoever from GBK. My email was polite and constructive, yet I haven't even received an auto "someone will get back to you within xxx days" message.

Is it any wonder people now use Facebook as a base for their complaints and comments if companies are this useless as responding to emails and other queries.

So as they appear to not be bothered about speaking to me, here are my issues with my last GBK meal:
  • Woman seating us seemed to completely ignore my wife, not bothering to explain the menu even though it was her who hadn't been before
  • The food took almost 50 minutes to arrive. I'm not impatient but other people who came in after us were being served before us
  • The original server gave us the wrong table number
  • When the food was brought out, the guy had to bring it over to us from a different table after realising the number was wrong, but he appeared to have no concern whatsoever for our experience. A simple 'oh sorry about that' would have been fine, but he seemed to have a bit of an attitude
  • The cheese sauce we ordered was pretty much a solid lump
So we definitely won't be going to that GBK again, and with customer service like I've had so far (I.e.: None) It's likely I won't be going to any other one either.


Andy Long said...

Hi Rob,

Try Byron, much better burgers and proper service too...

Pablo Edwards said...

What bothers me is that they won't even acknowledge you, when you brought up the issue of not being acknowledged. Change needs to come from the top and they are gropping the ball.