Friday, June 24, 2016

A Calm and Rational Repsonse to the Brexit Result

Apparently the British public trusted this man more than the
advice of Professor Stephen Hawking.
Fuck Fuck Fuck. What the fucking fuckity fucking fuck Britain? Are you completely fucking insane?

I have never been more ashamed of being British. Ashamed of the racism and the lies that have dominated this campaign. Ashamed of the ignorance and hate that has won over any rational fact or expert forecasts.

I wonder what made you vote Leave? Maybe you looked at Nigel Farage and said 'Oh he looks like a man of the people.' Maybe you read a newspaper and decided removing those banana laws were worth a recession.

The irony is that the people who voted most for leaving the EU are those will suffer the most under a Tory government that will rip the NHS and public services to shreds. It's not even been four hours and already:

  • Nigel 'Adolf' Farage has backtracked on the MAIN promise of his campaign - 350m for the NHS per week, whilst also insulting the memory of Jo Cox.
  • The promises on immigration have already been backtracked on.
  • Over 450 BILLION has been wiped from the economy. To put that into context, it's DOUBLE what the bankers cost the country in the Housing Crash, and equivalent to FORTY years of EU membership fees.
  • Anything that Donald Trump believes is a good
    idea can't be all that bad surely? ... Surely?
  • Racist dickheads like Marie Le Pen are now already trying to push nationalism movements in their countries.
The people of Britain (excl Scotland, NI, Manchester and Parts of London) have lost the right ever to laugh at American politics again. You fucking idiots just elected your Donald Trump.

Any desire I might have had to one day return to living in Britain is gone. I have had enough of the ignorance, the small mindedness, the racism and the hate. As a kid I saw my black friend's house get egged because his parents had the gall to come from the Caribbean. I saw a friend get kicked and punched for being goth. I saw a city full of racists who treated friendly Muslims like scum. Looks like nothing has changed.
  • Fuck you David Cameron for causing this vote through your own selfishness and desperation to return to power. A piece of terrible strategy.
  • Fuck you Nigel Farage, you smug racist cunt.
  • Fuck you BBC for making Nigel Farage into someone. No one gave a shit about him til you started giving him a constant platform.
  • Fuck you Boris Johnson.
  • Fuck you Michael Gove. The worst minister of the last 100 years.
  • ...and Fuck You England. Little england. The small country with small country syndrome.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to practice. "Austraaalians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free..."

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Charles Edward Frith said...

If you could wind the clock back would you prefer to cancel democracy and have a dictatorship?