Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 10 O Clock Show

I sat down to watch the Persuationists last night, initially thinking it was the UK version of the Gruen transfer. I wish it had been...

Let me say right away that it wasn't terrible, for the first episode of a comedy it had some good lines and a couple of laugh out loud moments. The problem was however, that it just felt like a cliche machine in places. Stereotypical characters selling to a stereotypical 'funny' client. Poor Adam Buxton playing the beaten up account man just seemed weak, give me another series of Adam and Joe anyday (even a repeat would be nice).

When Iain Lee playing 'Iain Lee in threadless t-shirts' is the best character in a series you know things are iffy. I hope they can expand and develop over the next couple of episodes in the same way the IT crowd took a while to get going, otherwise I won't be watching much longer.

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