Monday, January 11, 2010

Time for Tea

During my A levels we had a common room to stay in during lunch or free lessons. It was decorated in hideous lime green paint that had chipped and faded. It looked awful.

Everybody hated it and wished the school would do something about it.

One day a few of us were bored and we decided to create something on the wall to liven it up a bit. We got our friend Laura to stand on a chair, then drew her outline in black marker; added a teapot and the words "Time for Tea".

Everyone loved it, apart from the teachers.

They wanted it removed, and were angry at those who did it (we didn't tell anyone). In protest we wrote an angry letter of response and posted on the door of the common room. I never did see what they did with it.

Then something unexpected happened.

Someone else drew a weird picture on one of the other walls. Then someone else. Then another.

The walls filled up with poems, thoughts, images and randomness. It was like this amazing place of expression and creativity, for a few weeks we went in every day to see what else had been added.

Within the month though others starting just scrawling names and rubbish, it lost it's appeal and started to resemble a graffiti wall. From decreped to art to waste within a month.

Shortly after the whole room was repainted.

I learnt a lot that month.


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tatai said...

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