Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Fashion for Wolves - Sheepskin

Given that I would find it hard to even consider voting Tory in a month of elections, I probably don't fall into the undecided voter pool. Only campaigning on a manifesto of BNP member floggings and Tony Blair war criminal charges could get me to tick that blue box.

So does the new Oil of Olay influenced poster of David Cameron do anything to change my mind?


If you are trying to convince me that Cameron is not a slimy toff, airbrushing him to destruction and showing him in a "I'm not wearing a tie, I am so cool; my Eton buddies would kill me if they saw me without a hat" pose is really not going to help.

Then it talks about not destroying the NHS. Yes you should be clear you support the NHS, but before you go shouting it you might want to tell us why we can trust what you say. It's tackling a symptom not the illness.
I think it's right for the Tories to make this election about people, they know Brown's image is a weak point; this ad however says nothing convincing to me whatsoever.


Graham.Creative. said...

I'm going to add an insightful comment here: What a cock Cameron is. "Vote for me, I'm a slimy two-faced, self-conscious toff with no brain of my own."

Sorry, rant over.

Graham.Creative. x

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

I hope I made at least some relevant statement in that post!

C'mon Tories. BNP floggings and Tony Blair charged as a war criminal. You know it makes sense.

Claire C said...

They ironed Cameron's face! Don't think it'll mask the wrinkles in his party's manifesto though. (Worst pun of the day? Probably.)

Crap wordplay aside, surely that extreme photoshopping will do absolutely nothing for Cameron's image? He looks shrink wrapped. Yikes!

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Haha, I think the spoof version I have is a bit exagerrated. still obviously smoothed on the real one though!!

Robert said...

Are we sure the Labor party didn't pay for it - because it does a damn sight more good for them than the Tories.

Horrendous and unintelligent.

Say's more about what the politicians think of the people than any of their bland soundbites.

Promotional Products said...

Ha... I love @Graham's addition. Great post!