Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Rabbit than Sainsbury's

Before we start, I should get out of the way the fact that I love Innocent smoothies. In fact I am drinking one right ... now ...

Yet despite the cutesy nature of their new ads, something about them just doesn't quite work for me. They feel a bit flat and a bit dull sadly.

Innocent as a brand has still not found a good way to make it's brand work on tv; which is a shame. If they ever get it right it could be brilliant.


niko said...

u could make the case for their product that tv and b2c might not be the way to go..b2b(distribution leverage) plus instore has worked very well so far..

sometimes doing more of what works is better than trying to improve what works less (like saying to beckham when he was good, don't learn any new/better dribling skills, just focus on shooting and passing)

but than again I only drink Innocent with vodka, so I might not be target demo..

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

There's a good case for that. I think it all depends on the expansion plans they have, and finding a way to justify their (pretty reasonable) price premium over own-label.

It feels like they are trying to make the packaging work on tv instead of making the brand work on tv.