Friday, March 01, 2013

A Pony, My Kingdom for a Pony

One of the things that seems to shine through on the best work is a sense of joy. That feeling you get, that the people who worked on this campaign really enjoyed doing it. That the late nights and long days were a breeze, because they knew the output was going to be worth it.

There must be something of that happening, because any agency that can bring joy and warmth to Tesco and Three, two brands that have traditionally lacked any spark whatsoever, must clearly be enjoying what they do.

Seriously, Three has felt like a nothing brand for many years (bar the nice copy of "All You Can Eat Data"). This campaign brings it right back and makes it hard to ignore.

It's wonderfully shot, fun, with a great choice of music. Perhaps most importantly, it actually feels like it has a real bit of thought underneath, driving the idea.

How brilliantly simple and clear is the observation 'Silly Stuff - It Matters' to sum up what people really use and want from internet access on the go.

There is a also a nice presumption there that a mobile network that suggests using it for silly videos must be fast and reliable enough to get the job done.

Networks are constantly shouting about price and handsets and top-up offers  and so on. This just stands out, and makes a nice brand sales point without ever needing to shout it or be blunt.

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