Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Importance of Forethought

I was thinking today about the processes people go through in protecting and trying to steal data. In particular, the process that happens to inform people of hacks and security breaches.

It left me with a conclusion. To be very wary about changing my password after being prompted by email.

Now obviously I'm not talking about clicking on those annoying emails that take you to some dodgy site, but what would happen if the hackers didn't actually need a fake site?

I'm awaiting the day where instead of trying to hack heavily secured data, the hackers target the website, and swap it with their own mirror version. Then they send out a ton of fake emails that tell you their emails and passwords have been hacked, and to go to the official site and change the password.

In other words, they use the legitimacy of the URL, along with security panic to drive unknown sharing of information.

It's probably been done, but I've yet to see it... thankfully.

Note: I know the title is a bit much, but I didn't want a title that makes the link appear to be junk!

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